Your website only works for you if it works for them.


Getting to know each other

1. Initiation
We talk. I get a general idea of your expectations, and you get a general idea of my process.

2. Requirement Identification
You provide specific details, including purpose of the website, company goals, target website audience, and type of website to be built.

3. Proposal
I submit a detailed time and cost proposal based on your website requirements. The project will commence after you sign and return the proposal.


Research & Strategy Document

1. Review of current website or proposed content
I create a summary of site statistics, identifying the most valuable content and features of the website. If you do not currently have a website, this is when I need you to send me your content (including text, testimonials, service listings, photos, existing forms, etc.)

2. Competitive review of other websites
I make a list of best practices used by your industry leaders: what works and what doesn’t.

3. Target audience identification
You tell me who your customers are and I help identify why they would use your website? (What are they expecting? What are they avoiding?)

4. SWOT Analysis
I take all of the above information and use it to create a strategic plan that outlines the website’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats


Your visual style (the fun part)

1. WordPress Theme
I provide a number of WordPress themes that provide the functionality that you require in a website. You review them and choose the one that appeals to you the most based on design and layout.

2. Branding
You provide the colors, fonts, logos, etc. that make up your current branding. If you are just starting, I can help you to develop a branding standard.

3. Server Authorization
You provide access to your existing web servers – or any new ones that you set up. Typical information to obtain and validate includes FTP host, username and password; control panel log-in information; database configuration; and any languages or frameworks currently installed.


Putting it all together

1. WordPress Installation
I install WordPress on your server and implement the chosen theme.

2. Customization
I rework the theme to reflect your branding, and incorporate all of the individual graphic elements and content to create a functional website.

3. Presentation
We review the site together and I document your required changes (this will be 2-3 rounds of presentation, feedback, edits and presentation).


Making sure that it works 

I run tests for these potential issues, and implement changes/corrections as necessary:

1. Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation & Form Functionality
Poor grammar and forms that just don’t work will destroy your customer’s faith in your website and your company.

2. Site speed
If it takes too long for the website to open, people are going to look elsewhere.

3. Browser and Operating System Compatibility
Every browser (IE, Chrome, etc.) displays code slightly differently, and there are so many different sizes of phones, tablets, etc. I test all current options to make sure that the website looks right.

4. Font & Image Rendering
If you’ve seen a pixelated picture, you know how important this is.

5. W3C Validation
Website usability is key. You want everyone to be able to use your website.

6. Optimization & Compression (Minify)
Keeping it fast and pretty.

7. 404 page & Favicon Customization
Helping the lost ones find their way.


Search Engine Optimization – Helping your customers find you

1. 301 Redirects
I map old URLs from the existing site to the new ones (in case someone has bookmarked a page).

2. Title Tags/Meta Data
I make sure every page has a unique title tag, and meta description for search engines.

3. XML Sitemaps/HTML Sitemap
I create sitemaps that help users and search engines find the pages they are looking for when other methods fail.

4. Tools
I set up Google Analytics, and Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

5. Social Media Integration
I ensure that the social media icons on the site go to the correct pages.

6. SERP Display
I ensure that the search engines display the pages correctly in the search engine results pages.

7. Search Engine Submission
Google, Bing, Web-based Yellow Pages and other local business directories, Shopping search engines and Affiliate Program Directories


Making it live

1. Final Review
We review the site one final time before making it live.

2. Launch & Troubleshooting
I put it out there for the world to see.

3. Care and Feeding
I provide a document that includes your hosting information, who to contact if something breaks, and basic updating instructions.

4. Training Sessions
I provide hands on training for updating your website. I won’t cut you loose until you’re ready.

I make things look good AND work well.